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How to Let Go

Dust off a memory
pick at the tender scar
relive the past until you are filled with love
let your heart ache
your eyes water
let the pain hit you like a tsunami

come up for air
take a deep breath
hug your broken heart
wipe the romance from your eyes
cry some more
get angry

see the truth
the way it was
the way it felt
the way he treated you
the words you wrote
the journey to wholeness
that never came

you are he is that love those feelings that happiness sadness elation sex anger hurt tears
good bad great reconciliation questions ending that never ended
all frozen in time
an emotional photograph

Rip it up

So now you must
forgive yourself
forgive him without an apology
you deserved better than what he gave
you are more than what he saw
you are more
You. Are. So. Much. More.
dry the tears
write the final poem
turn the page
close the book

Walk away.


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Poetry: How To Let Go