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Snuggled in the spot
between your chin and shoulder,
there was no other place for me.

Holding     you
was like holding
sand in my fingers
slipping     through     the     empty
spaces     falling to the ground
one granule after another
on a beach of many
never whole

But I remember
the love and the pain
funny how they went hand-in-hand
just like us
love     pain
me     you.

It’s been so long,
the wound still fresh.
It was my mistake to release you
even if you wanted to go.
we weren’t
done      it wasn’t

Pieces remain     here
there     where
you’ve imprinted on me for life.
Your cruelty left a scar
just like your love
our love     preserved forever
unfinished     incomplete
never to know its ending
scattered grains of sand on a beach of many.

Where do I even start to finish this?
I hope you still weep for us
because the burden of pain you left me
can’t be carried alone.


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Poetry: Scattered