Social Media Expectations and Publishing

I have a lot of things I could say about this subject, but this blog post hits on everything I’ve suspected and some conclusions I arrived at on my own without the experience — the point about how publishing controls the market in particular. But alas, if you’re an aspiring author seeking a traditional contract, please read this blog post by Kacen Callender Social Media Expectations.

Some of the points in the post jell with points I made about why I chose to self-publish. I’m also including the link to the tweet so you can read the comments from other published authors.
Kacen’s tweet.

Why I Wrote The Voices Upstairs

This was the second book I ever wrote, and until recently, my least favorite. At the time I came up with the idea, I was reading about a murder case from the late 1920s where the murderer was schizophrenic, claiming that he heard voices, telling him what to do. I wanted to explore what it might be like for a troublemaker of a teen who, all of a sudden, begins hearing the sounds of a murder that occurred decades before he was born. The original title was called Sounds Like Murder after the song by the band The Clash, but I didn’t think it was an appropriate title for the age group (8-12 year-olds).

This book was shopped around a lot when I was actively seeking representation. I received some good feedback, but alas, alack, Alaska, no takers. This was the first book I self-published, and it actually did pretty good in the beginning, but, along with all the others, I ended up pulling it and revising it. After spending a lot of time working on the story at the sentence level, it’s a more enjoyable read and has become a favorite of mine.

Why I Wrote The Good Daughter

Oh, brother, where to start?

Many years ago, I realized I had a narcissist in my life and began studying narcissism to understand how to deal with said person. I found an old cassette tape with a couple of songs my brother’s band had recorded. One song was called Rusted Wings That Angels Wear (Rusted Wings for short). The lyrics were very specific to the brother who wrote the song, but I was intrigued with the concept behind the title.  (more…)

Why I Wrote Doll Parts

This was a treadmill idea, meaning I got it while walking on the treadmill. It was meant to be released as a series of connected short stories (a serial, which were popular at the time) in which a doll army rises up to track down the devil doll that stole their parts. Read the story to get an idea of what I mean. This was just one of those weird ideas that came to me. To be honest, I can’t remember if something inspired it or if it just came out of nowhere. It’s irreverent and goofy. It might lean toward Bizarro fiction. It has elements of horror. Dark humor for sure. Tiny Tina and Feisty Fiona are my favorite dolls. This one is probably more in line with my sense of humor than all the other books that I’ve written. Look, I never said I was normal, okay. 🙂


Why I Wrote There I am in Pieces Again

There’s a decade of my life I would love to forget. It broke me. When I moved away from the situation, I didn’t know if I would ever be the same again. But after a short time away, emotions, in the shape of words, came pouring out of me—words of waking up about what happened, trying to figure out why it knocked me to my knees, finding my footing again, and to finally, but cautiously, letting go of the past.

Although I’ve been writing something that resembles poetry since I was a teen, this is a very short collection specific to what I had gone through. It’s not the most cheerful collection of poetry. But is poetry ever really? This collection is very personal, and very raw, and felt very vulnerable to put out there into the world, but I don’t know, something told me that I needed to put it out there.

It’s a hard thing to go through life feeling like you’re dealing with something by yourself, which is how I felt for ten years, and by releasing this, I had hoped it would someone help feel a little less alone.

Eat It…a writing exercise

I was looking for something in my filing cabinet and came across a folder full of my old writing from when I first started writing with an eye toward publication. Like any or most new writers, you’ll do anything to free that writing genius inside, so naturally I had a book full of writing exercises. I want to say it was a small version of Writing Down the Bones, but I might be misremembering. I know I had a copy of that book and carried it around like a missionary carried the Bible. Anyway, I came across a writing exercise called Eat It (from 2004, I believe) and giggled as I read it over, so I thought I’d share it. We need to lighten the mood all up in here. (more…)

5 Reasons I Chose to Self-publish

Why I Chose to Self-publish:

This post is many years after the fact, but I had always wanted to blog about why I chose to go the self-publishing route. But after many years into this journey, I understand more of why I chose to do it. My perspective has changed immensely. I used to hesitate to admit I self-published my books but not so much anymore.
When I first started, the stigma against self-publishing was greater than it is now. Some believe it has disappeared almost entirely, but it hasn’t, not really. (more…)