Poetry: The Song I Heard Before I Crashed

Like many others, I had different plans for the month of April, but life being what it is… I’m a little behind on celebrating National Poetry Month like I had intended, so here is one of my favorites from my chapbook, There I am in Pieces Again, available everywhere in e-book and paperback. Links below. The audio reading is at the end of the poem.

The Song I Heard Before I Crashed

On the road of life
I have traveled far—
the cliché of my existence.
Some roads were smooth
cruising along, top down, hair blowing wild and free.
I was me, who I am, who I was, who I knew and loved.

Potholes shook me
icy roads sent me sliding
rain had me pulled over, seeking shelter from the downpour in an abandoned carwash.
There I was, still me, still who I am, who I was, what I knew.

But the music played – it always played.

I never used my signal because
I didn’t know I was turning
didn’t put my foot on the brake because
I wasn’t trying to stop.
I forgot to enjoy the view because
I didn’t know I’d never see it again
see me, who I was, who I was, who I was, who I was.

But the music played – it always played.

Maybe I glanced away
or lost track of time, of life, of me
or maybe I fell asleep in the passenger side.
I never meant to let go of the wheel, to give up the keys, to let someone else drive.
But the music played – it always played
a song of who I was, who I was, who I was

Right before impact
sounds of mellow, sounds of smooth and calm, never warned me of what was to come.
The melody never said, “Wake up!”
The notes never cried out to stop.
I never knew I’d be on this road.
How did I even get here?
A bird sang out high above the doom.
My heart cried out
where am I, where am I, where am I?

And the music stopped – it never stopped.


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I’ve lowered the prices on all my books

With all that is going on and the measures we must take to protect others and ourselves, I’ve lowered the prices on all my ebooks to $0.99, including the book of poetry. Since my books aren’t in Kindle Unlimited, I can’t offer them for free for a short time like a lot of authors are doing. But if you’re feeling anxious and depressed because of the isolation and want to escape into a lighthearted cozy mystery or a book of not so lighthearted confessional poetry, here are the links: BOOKS

If you’re up for free entertainment and like audio dramas, check out my YouTube channel for Cast a Circle Deadly. It’s about witches and stuff. Link is at the top right of the sidebar.

Please stay safe. We’re all in this soup together. And check in on your elders…from a distance. Give ’em a phone call or something. In the grand scheme of things, this time is a blip, or at least we hope so.

New Book Cover

Here, have a tasty new cover for my book of poetry, There I am in Pieces Again.
Available everywhere. BOOKS
During National Poetry Month (April) I’ll post a few poems on the site.
And stay tuned for the cover reveal for PRINCESS.

I’m baaaaack!

And I’ll be releasing a new edition of a book I had written under the L.E. Falcone name. Daddy’s Girl…sigh. I made the unfortunate decision to listen to someone’s advice on the title, despite my trepidation that it would end up listed among the erotica titles. I was right and should have trusted my instinct. Lesson learned. I take full responsibility. I made quite a few changes to the book — for the better, I believe.

Anyway… The new title is: PRINCESS.

I’ll be releasing it in hardcover first and ebook/paperback/audio later on this year.

That brings me to other changes: I’ll be blogging more. I deleted the podcast I had created and put the audio-drama under the VOICE OVER page. It’s also available on YouTube where I’ll be adding some of my voice-over work. As soon as I’m done with Princess, I’ll be shifting to other projects: a third Ricki Rydell mystery and the biggie: Dead, Still Breathing. Let’s face it. Life has a way of getting in the way, but that’s just what I have in mind for this year. Stay tuned.


You might have noticed some old books written under a different pen name showing up under the name you see at the top of this site. It is me. After a long break, I’ve decided to pull all my books under the L.E. Falcone name and the Abby Matthews name and put them under one name. I know this will cause some confusion, but managing multiple names got to be a PITA. I’m rebranding for various reasons, keeping it simple is the biggest one. My books are getting a makeover, inside and out, and will be under one name. The stories haven’t changed in some. In a few, there have been some major revisions. Why? Well, I’m writing for me now and moving in different directions, trying different media. No more chasing the market or figuring out algorithms for that way lies madness. It’s a slow process, but that’s the way I’m doing things now. Anyway. Here’s a rundown of how I’m hoping things will go:
  • The Ricki Rydell mystery series is pretty much done. It didn’t do too well out of the gate, and considering the burnout I was experiencing, I couldn’t justify continuing with it. That’s not to say I wouldn’t want to, because I have two more books already outlined. They’re not yet out on Amaz*n, but I’ll be doing that soon-ish
  • The novella Dead, Still Breathing, under the Falcone name, is being expanded into a full-length novel, but it won’t be out for some time. That is harder to do than you can imagine.
  • Daddy’s Girl (Falcone) has been revised and will be released, hopefully in January, with a title change: The Rusted Wings Angels Wear (which was the original title, but that’s a post for another time. lol)
  • I’m turning an old serial, CAST A CIRCLE DEADLY, into an audio drama.
  • I have other book ideas, including a kids series, but I’m slowly backing away from writing/publishing (another post for another time).
That’s about it for now. I’m not going to start an email list, so if you want to stay up-to-date you can subscribe via an RSS feed.