Laura DiNunno (pronounced: dee-new-no) started writing silly songs for her stuffed animals when she was a kid before moving onto the hardcore world of confessional poetry—a habit she maintains to this day. She writes for all ages, but her first love will always be writing for middle-grade readers (ages 9-12). Her stories almost always have some supernatural or psychological element to them. She likes it dark.

She has a B.A. in Theatre (acting and dance concentration). Her favorite roles include Ann Deever in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, Clara Cohen in a special adaptation of The Italian Straw Hat, and the Wicked Stepmother in the ballet, Cinderella. Her least favorite roles include Daisy in Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco and…no, that’s pretty much it.

When she’s not writing or recording voice over, Laura enjoys listening to music, watching classic movies (Pre-code, hey!), snuggling with her two cats, re-learning to play the violin, and hiking. Her other talents include creative use of colorful language, over-thinking, and being a goofball.