…for a bit, anyway. Although this can fit with most behemoth stores, this is a short video about just one. Why do I bring this up? As a published author, I sell very, very little on Amazon. The store never liked me. I sell more on Barnes and Noble and through the libraries than I do the Zon. Hell, I don’t know if you can even find my books through a search, which is why I always provide a direct link. The truth is, this happens to a lot of indie authors, not just me. If people can’t see your books, they won’t buy them no matter how good they are, but the harsh truth is (and fanboys/girls of Zon will criticize you if you point these things out, sour grapes and all that rot (like raisins, I guess? lol)) the store uses tactics to make it hard (and it’s gotten harder over the years) to have any kind of organic growth. I don’t hate Amazon, but I’m also not a fan and this video is why. I’ve been complaining about the pay-to-play scheme ever since sponsored ads have been implemented. Have you noticed how many sponsored products there are now compared to just two years ago? It’s awful. Shopping there has become a nightmare. Anyway, have a great day.

I’ll just leave this here