Here it is, December, that bitch of a month where we take a look back at what we accomplished, where we failed, and feel this sense of urgency to get all the things done. In spite of the craziness that was one sick cat after another this year, I managed to get some stuff done, but as the end of the year is looking like a dead end street, I’ve begun to feel very discouraged with the rise of AI (I’ll probably write about that sometime soon), the fall of social media and wondering if it’s worth a single damn anymore, and the lack of visibility because algorithms. Wheeee!! Don’t ya just love it.

Anyway, I don’t usually like posting goals in a public space, but I might as well since I’m going to be spending more time on my website than in the past. So, let’s see, what do I want to accomplish?

1. Learn Reaper once and for all. Reaper is a DAW (digital audio workstation) that enables you to edit and process audio. A lot of voice actors love it, but it has a very steep learning curve. I currently use Audacity because it’s clean and simple, but I want to play in the big leagues, dammit, and Reaper is major league. Which means that while I’m learning Reaper, I won’t be doing any Lacey Stocking mysteries on youtube.

2. Blog more. There’s a reason and there might even be a post about it. This is bigger than me and it’s about ownership and control over what I do, what we all do, really. Plus, I miss the good ol’ days of LiveJournal and the writing community I was a part of there. I wish we could get back to that. Social media isn’t the same.

3. Answer the question: Am I still a writer? In the face of things, I’ve been struggling to stay positive. I also plan on writing a very lengthy and probably scathing review of what I’ve experienced and witnessed being an indie author over the past decade.

4. That being said, I have a few books in mind, but can I find it in me to write them? I hope.

5. Find hope again. The past three years, we’ve all taken a beating. This year was really rough on me and I didn’t realize it until just a month ago. It’s time to sparkle and shine with rays of hope. *giggles*

That’s all for now.

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