This year has been all over the map. After my cat died, I decided to give myself some space to heal and do things at my leisure. Well…life is lifey and it will do what it does.

I had just finished the last book I could convert to audio — it’s out now — and had written another Lacey Stocking mystery script as well as starting a kids’ book about the origin story of my feral cats when, after four years of being paranoid and careful, I caught Covid. It was the worst sore throat I ever had. My throat looked like raw hamburger and felt like I was swallowing fire. After a trip to the ER, I’m over the worst of it but still struggling with energy levels. Of course, as hot as it is right now, it’s hard to say what is the cause of my fatigue. Anyway, I’m getting back to life slowly, listening to my body and taking it easy if needed. I can’t do anything about the heat — it is really bad right now — but I can work on getting healthy and doing little things when I have the energy. Those little things add up.

When Things Don’t Go According to Plan