April is National Poetry Month and my latest collection is here! In honor of National Poetry Month both of my chapbooks are on sale for .99 cents for the month of April.

The Life Cycle of a Star is a collection of poetry about taking your life back after leaving an oppressive belief system, raising your voice when the past wants to silence you, finding your self-worth when destructive thoughts hold you back, and hoping for the magic of love when wishing on a dying star.
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Here is a sample:


little hands
reaching, ever reaching for you
clawing, hoping for a piece of you.
empty hollow nothings
where were you?
I saw you
but didn’t
in shadow in periphery
but not

little eyes
watching, always watching you
seeking, wanting a piece of you.
vague weak nobody
where were you?
I saw you
but didn’t
in a mirror
without reflection

I wondered why I was empty
why my own mirror
couldn’t show who I really was
why my face looked like yours
but wasn’t yours
or wasn’t my own
your face couldn’t fill your mirror
and now I can’t fill mine

for so long
little hands, little eyes
sought helpless for you
you were there
but weren’t
empty of your own face
that couldn’t fill my eyes
still can’t
so I searched other faces
for my reflection
until I could see my own

There I am in Pieces Again is also on sale.

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The Life Cycle of a Star (poetry) is here!
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