February is always a bad month for me. No matter what’s going on and no matter where I live, I always end up with a case of depression. This depression clouds my judgment and makes me see things in a different light. Maybe it’s really clarity or maybe it’s just apathy, I don’t know. So, right now, I’m questioning everything I’m doing, including the voice over thing. I’m about to release another book of poetry in April — right in time for National Poetry Month — and after that I’ll be revising a short story I wrote and had intended to turn into a novel. But after thinking about it, I’ve decided to revise it only to where it would naturally take itself because burn out has set in again and the idea of tackling a full length novel right now makes me weep. I might feel differently in a month.

After that project, I don’t have anything. Oh, I have another book (for kids) that I could tackle and I have other ideas I could write, but my mind isn’t allowing me to pursue these projects right now. We’ll see what happens when the cobwebs clear. Once the days get longer and sun comes out a little more and more people get a shot in the arm, I may feel better about things. But I am concerned about the cyclical writing burn out that I keep experiencing. It seems to get stronger with every cycle. So much so that I even wrote a blog post about quitting writing. It’s on my desktop where it will stay for now. Things always look better in the spring.

Just a little update