There’s a decade of my life I would love to forget. It broke me. When I moved away from the situation, I didn’t know if I would ever be the same again. But after a short time away, emotions, in the shape of words, came pouring out of me—words of waking up about what happened, trying to figure out why it knocked me to my knees, finding my footing again, and to finally, but cautiously, letting go of the past.

Although I’ve been writing something that resembles poetry since I was a teen, this is a very short collection specific to what I had gone through. It’s not the most cheerful collection of poetry. But is poetry ever really? This collection is very personal, and very raw, and felt very vulnerable to put out there into the world, but I don’t know, something told me that I needed to put it out there.

It’s a hard thing to go through life feeling like you’re dealing with something by yourself, which is how I felt for ten years, and by releasing this, I had hoped it would someone help feel a little less alone.

Why I Wrote There I am in Pieces Again