I was looking for something in my filing cabinet and came across a folder full of my old writing from when I first started writing with an eye toward publication. Like any or most new writers, you’ll do anything to free that writing genius inside, so naturally I had a book full of writing exercises. I want to say it was a small version of Writing Down the Bones, but I might be misremembering. I know I had a copy of that book and carried it around like a missionary carried the Bible. Anyway, I came across a writing exercise called Eat It (from 2004, I believe) and giggled as I read it over, so I thought I’d share it. We need to lighten the mood all up in here.

I woke up this morning and rubbed the creamy chocolate pudding from my eyes. The air had a taste of sweet candy corn as the wind blew the golden and orange leaves around. My mind felt like a bowl of Cream of Wheat — warm with thought but bland of mood. More than anything, I wanted to drink words as if there a hot cup of tea with cream — strong but smooth — but I had to clean the carpets. The carpets were a disgusting bag of pork rinds, salty and nasty, and it put me in a sour mood. After I had finished, I was a soggy piece of bread. I showered and felt myself growing stale and dry like a crouton. For the rest of the afternoon, I curled up under a blanket of chicken soup and slept like a fluffy marshmallow.

Pure poetry, my friends. Pure. Poetry. 🙂

Eat It…a writing exercise