I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this writing venture and where it’s going because of how everything is going, especially on publishing platforms and even social media platforms. Things are weird right now with the pandemic and no one really knows how long this weirdness is going to last. On certain publishing platforms it’s become a pay-to-play situation where if you want your books to be seen you have to buy ads. That’s all well and good if you have the budget or not if you feel certain companies are already too big to begin with (why give them even more money?). And then there’s social media, where…well, if you can understand how to stand out on social media, let me know.

But there’s always blogging.

About a year ago, I had a thought that, as an author, there’s not much we have control over. We can’t control who buys our books or how well they sell (I’ve seen authors do everything right and still make peanuts) or what will take off and what will sink (sometimes the book you love the most does the worst). We can’t all become social media influencers (I wouldn’t even want that, to be honest) and sometimes algorithms just don’t like us (when I’ve said this in the past I got reamed because apparently saying that is sour grapes). But it’s true. A lot of authors, especially the hella successful ones, don’t want to admit that luck plays a huge part in most of life’s endeavors, not just writing.

As a creator I’m losing control or a better way to put it is: As a creator, I’m giving my power to third parties who have no interest in me and the longevity of my career. We’re at the mercy of algorithms and corporations and a host of other things that we aren’t privy to because we’re not that company and don’t know their secrets. And truth is, they hold a lot of secrets, thus hold most of the power. So I began thinking about ways to get some control over my career. I want to bring the readers to me, on my turf. It may not work, but all I can do is try.

Years ago, when I first became a writer, we had LiveJournal, and oh how I loved it. You could follow all the blogs you wanted and they showed up in your feed. You could comment and share and interact with other writers. It was awesome. Those days are over, I know that. We all seem to be suffering from the attention span of a tweet, and the only interaction we get is a like. That’s sad. To me that’s sad. I hate it, actually.

With this new year, I plan on taking a more active role in my career, hoping to engage with readers and other writers here on my website. I’m not sure how often I’ll blog, because I don’t want to burn out on it, but I know it’ll be at least once a week. At first, I have a few writing related blog posts to put up and after that I’ll probably start getting a little more creative. I love listicles so much so expect some of those.  If you wish to subscribe to my feed there’s an RSS icon at the top right.

If you wish to comment, don’t be put off by the comment moderation thingy. I get lots of p*rnbot spam. Once your comment is cleared, you won’t have to sit in moderation limbo any longer. It’s only for first time commenters.

I hope to see you on the blog!