This post is an all-in-one because it’s a weird year and I’m doing things all backwards and releasing things at strange times. So, anyway, this is The Voices Upstairs cover reveal and release date announcement all rolled into one. This is an upper-middle-grade supernatural mystery (the target audience is more suited for 11-13 year olds to be exact) and will be released on December 1st on all platforms in e-book and paperback. I was right in the middle of recording and editing the audiobook when my eyes gave out of me, so, unfortunately, I won’t be completing it, which is sad because I was having loads of fun recording it. Links for all my books are right here. Click me.

Fourteen-year-old Jason Myers thinks he’s a hero for taking down the school bully. So he got suspended. What’s the big deal? It’s a week off from school, right? But Jason’s little vacation quickly turns into a week-long stay with his grandmother to keep him out of trouble. With no freedom, no cell phone, no video games, and a house that reeks of cat pee, life can’t get any worse for Jason.

…until the dead start talking. 

Now Jason has bigger things to worry about. What do the ghostly voices coming from upstairs in his grandmother’s house want with him? As Jason searches for answers, he learns the house holds a dark family secret and that some will do anything to keep that secret buried in the past.

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