With all that is going on and the measures we must take to protect others and ourselves, I’ve lowered the prices on all my ebooks to $0.99, including the book of poetry. Since my books aren’t in Kindle Unlimited, I can’t offer them for free for a short time like a lot of authors are doing. But if you’re feeling anxious and depressed because of the isolation and want to escape into a lighthearted cozy mystery or a book of not so lighthearted confessional poetry, here are the links: BOOKS

If you’re up for free entertainment and like audio dramas, check out my YouTube channel for Cast a Circle Deadly. It’s about witches and stuff. Link is at the top right of the sidebar.

Please stay safe. We’re all in this soup together. And check in on your elders…from a distance. Give ’em a phone call or something. In the grand scheme of things, this time is a blip, or at least we hope so.

I’ve lowered the prices on all my books
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