And I’ll be releasing a new edition of a book I had written under the L.E. Falcone name. Daddy’s Girl…sigh. I made the unfortunate decision to listen to someone’s advice on the title, despite my trepidation that it would end up listed among the erotica titles. I was right and should have trusted my instinct. Lesson learned. I take full responsibility. I made quite a few changes to the book — for the better, I believe.

Anyway… The new title is: PRINCESS.

I’ll be releasing it in hardcover first and ebook/paperback/audio later on this year.

That brings me to other changes: I’ll be blogging more. I deleted the podcast I had created and put the audio-drama under the VOICE OVER page. It’s also available on YouTube where I’ll be adding some of my voice-over work. As soon as I’m done with Princess, I’ll be shifting to other projects: a third Ricki Rydell mystery and the biggie: Dead, Still Breathing. Let’s face it. Life has a way of getting in the way, but that’s just what I have in mind for this year. Stay tuned.

I’m baaaaack!